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A Name for the Baby

Dear Mr Knightley
My wife and I are about to have our first baby. She wants to name it Lorilai if its a girl and Sigmund if its a boy. I want Mary or Alfie. She hates my ideas. I hate hers. Who gets the final say? She says if I were a real gentleman I would let her pick.

-Siggy’s Father


Dear Father,

All of those names are terrible. Might I suggest you both compromise and instead go with the name Knightley if its boy and Nightly if it’s a girl?

Best Wishes,

Mr Knightley

Trusting Blindly

Dear Mr. Knightley, 

I just wanted a soundingboard I guess but basically me and my boyfriend plan on moving out soon and I’ve been asking him about when we move out how things are gonna work, like location and getting around and stuff. And he’s been saying that it won’t be a problem and I should just trust him and that everything will be fine. And I trust him completely and everything but I feel really apprehensive about moving out without knowing what our plan is suppose to be. I feel like he’s asking me to be blindfolded and just trust him to lead me around and that makes me super uncomfortable. I mean, do I just have trust issues for not wanting to trust him? Should I just stop asking and just let him take the lead? 

-Blind Banshee

Blinded by Trust?

Dear Blind,

While your boyfriend may have the best intention I think that you should seriously speak to him about the matter. There is no reason he would have on concealing anything from you regarding his plans, unless there is something he knows you’ll disapprove of. Or perhaps he has not actually made any plans yet and is either stalling or  procrastinating. Either way it is better for you to find these things out now, rather than later when the decisions have already been made for you. And it may not even be anything bad. He may genuinely want to save you from the hassle and trouble involved. However, this is as much your decision as it is his, and as with all decisions you need to be as well informed as possible in order to make the right decision.

Mr. Knightley