Who is Mr. Knightley

Welcome All,

Mr. Knightley is a landed man of the gentry whose only aim in life is to assist those who have been less fortunate than himself. However when not helping the needy, he can be found here, where he enjoys answering letters of people who may not truly be in mortal need, but who may find themselves in need of knowledge, common sense, or the rules that govern human interaction that can help any individual rise within civilized society.

This space is dedicated to the questions of life and finding their answers.

Please feel free to write to Mr. Knightley regarding any questions you may have by using the Letters tab above.

Furthermore, please feel free to comment on Mr. Knightley’s responses to better aid those wandering souls that have come here for guidance.

Please be advised that Mr. Knightley and his Desk should not be substituted for actual theraputic assistance and if you find yourself truly in the slough of despair, please visit any of the many more reputable sites to be found online.

Mr. Knightley and his Desk are in no way responsible or liable for the use, abuse, or misuse of the advice given here.

Please don’t attempt to sue either Mr. Knightley or his Desk, as it is certainly beneath your dignity to do so. However, duels at dusk with either rapier or revolver can be organized in an honorable and timely fashion and in due course with the proper notification and paperwork. Thank you.

The Desk of Mr. George Knightley

Or Answer this Letter Yourself....

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