The Hardest Choice

Dear Mr. Knightley, 

I am divided about writing to you. Partly because I think I already know what you’re gonna say and partly because I have no idea what to do. You see, there are these two guys in my life right now. And they both mean a lot to me. And I feel a lot for them. But now Prom is coming up and I have to chose between them. And I don’t know who to chose….

Erick is really nice and funny and we get along really well (actually we work together so we see each other almost every day) and I know he likes me because he’s basically told me in every possible way except saying it out right. And I think the only reason he won’t is because he doesn’t want to ruin our friendship if I say no. 

Then there’s Ben. He’s smart, and handsome, and I’ve had a crush on him for a while now. And he’s finally started to pay attention to me. Not that he didn’t before. We were friends but we never really had a chance to spend time together just the two of us. But now we’ve started going to coffee together, just as friends, and reading books together, and it feels so good. 

I would feel like a jerk if I went to Prom with Ben, because of how long Erick has been basically in love with me. But I can’t help thinking that Ben and I fit together better and that we would have a better chance to maybe find love if we had a chance to spend more time together. I guess what I’m stuck between is what I feel I want to do and what I feel I should do. 

Any Ideas?

Divided Heart

Making a choice

Which one to chose

My Dear Divided,

I’m so very glad to have you as my first letter. Especially seeing as this letter pertains to my special talent, namely finding the right match for every single person left in Yorkshire and after that, the world. You see, love is such a wonderful thing there is no real reason for anyone to keep such a silly notion as singleness for long.

I would advise that you find out as soon as possible, whether or not this Ben has any kind of intention towards you. You may write him a letter, or you may have one of your friends ask one of his friends. But either way, ascertain an answer as soon as possible, so that you can find out if he is even worth considering. If he is, then go for him, for if Erick’s love is really as true and ardent as you have described, he shall only grow the more steadfast while you pursue Ben. And then if it doesn’t work out with Ben you know you always have Erick to fall back on.

I know this must sound terrible, but really, is it that wrong? You may find truest love with Ben and that is definitely worth the risk. And if Erick does not wait for you, then it may not have been real love after all, and then you have avoided quite a serious future entanglement. Test Erick’s love while also attempting Ben’s and you shall never find yourself wanting in admirers.


Mrs. Jenings




5 responses to “The Hardest Choice

  • Mr. Knightley

    While I will attempt to refrain from commenting too much on Mrs. Jenings’ posts I do feel obligated to just say a word or two.

    Divided, I would not play games with men’s hearts. It is beneath your dignity and honor as a lady to do such things. You must be a lady of honor and respect if you wish to have a husband who treats you with equal honor and dignity.

    Love is a thing that requires you to aim higher, not lower, if you are to reach your mark.

  • Julie

    I’m afraid I agree with Mr. Knightley on this issue, all due respect to Mrs. Jenings. I think you have summed it up nicely in the comment “I guess what I’m stuck between is what I feel I want to do and what I feel I should do.” I think you can never go wrong doing what you know is right. (that’s what that feeling of “what you should do” is – your conscience telling you what is right.

  • missmariannedashwood

    Follow your heart. You obviously feel like you ought to give Erick your attention, but you can’t give him your love, no matter how much he expects it from you. It is either there or it isn’t. And you obviously feel very strongly towards Ben. Don’t hold back. Pursue Ben with everything in your heart, allow that love to bloom. He must feel something for you too but you will never know if you don’t give love room.

  • charlotecollins

    I have to respectfully disagree missmariannedashwood. There is no reason that her heart should rule over her head. For matters of the heart come and go, and where once the heart fancied something, the next day that fancy will have passed all too quickly. No, Divided should follow her head. Ben is a risk, and not one with a very good track record. As apposed to Erick who has already proven not only his affection and intention but also his devotion and loyalty. You would be a fool to let Erick slip out of your grasp. Do the smart thing. Go with Erick.

  • missmariannedashwood

    Charlotecollins how can you say that! Erick may have the “proven track record” but we’re not talking about betting on horses at a race! We’re talking about love! It’s not anything so simple or mundane or scientific as that! Love is meant to be a perpetual fountain of joy and life for the lovers and the most glorious thing on earth! You cannot pretend to have it! To do so would be to cheat not only yourself out of true happiness but also to cheat the other out of it too! No! I still stand by my previous comment! Love is worth any risk! Is it not so? Worth every risk indeed! Go for Ben!

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