Introducing Mrs. Jenings

I know everything

Wait till you see what she has in store

We of Mr. Knightley’s Desk would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest contributing member of our crew Mrs. Jenings. She has been a regular commentor on many of the posts and has even gone to the length of sending Mr. Knightley lengthy emails regarding advice giving. And since we have even had a different commentor, Martha, suggest we bring her on board, we have contacted Mrs. Jenings and she has been kind enough to accept our invitation. She will now be answering letters every Tuesday, so check back later today for her first reply. Also, if you would like Mrs. Jenings to answer a letter rather than Mr. Knightley please note so in your letter.

-The desk of Mr. George Knightley



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2 responses to “Introducing Mrs. Jenings

  • mrsjenings

    And I would just like to say how very pleased I am to be a part of this team! Rest assured, there will not be single person left without a good husband or wife on this internet once I am done!

  • Martha

    Wonderful! We are all poised for your sage advice, Mrs Jenings! Although I dare say she will certainly add a womanly perspective to advice seekers, Mr Knightley’s thoughts will be a necessity as well, to keep the balance between the extreme variances in the sexes. What may be purely logical for a gentleman can often prove to be quite nonsensical to a lady of sensibilities! I anticipate much diverting correspondence!

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