Caught in the Act….

Dear Mr. Knightley, 

I’m so embaressed. Oh my god I cant believe I’m even writing this. Yesteday my boyfriend came over and we were in my room making out  and stuff and my mom came in and saw us(details removed) She doesn’t know we’re dating cause she and my dad said I can’t date till I’m out of high school but I’m a senior and she’s just driving me crazy! They’re super religios and like that.Anyway she didn’t yell or anything but didn’t say anything either so I don’t know. Should I just let it go and not bring it up? It’s super awkward and I kinda want to just tell them its my life, you know! Anyway, should I confront them or just act like nothing happened? I don’t know what to do.

-Akward Silence

Ps. I may not been wearing (details removed) when she came in…Actually he was just about to(details removed)  and then I (more details removed) but that was it.

Lovers caught in the act

An inopportune moment

Dear Awkard,

Well, I… I um…. let me just see here. I hope you do not mind but I did take the liberty of editing some of the more… extravagant details from your message. I mean no disrespect of course, I am merely thinking of the sensitivities of some of my readers. But I do think your question is a valid one and should be answered.

In short, I think that experience often proves that heeding the advice of someone older and wiser can be very much in your favor. And your parents can only be seeking your best interest and advancement in attempting to limit the amount of men in your life at this point in time. You may mistakingly place your affection in a fortune hunter or perhaps a man of less noble intentions, only to have your heart and dreams shattered. Not to speak of your own and your family’s honor. Now is the season of life that you should be refining yourself, polishing all of your finest skills and noble traits that an honorable man will seek in his future companion.

Regardless of whether you head my advice or not, I would strongly recommend you go to your parents and attempt to make amends. No matter how poorly their parenting may have been or how strongly you feel their interest conflicted concerning your future, they are still your parents after all and unless you are considering elopement (which ends poorly more often than not) you will have to live with them for maybe some considerable amount of time. Go to your mother, contrite and with humility, and ask her forgiveness. Sincerely if at all possible, but in the very least, for both your own comfort and her own, with the appearance of sincerity.

Youth can be a most trying season, and often it seems the end of the world. This is the magnificence of youth, to see all in greatest wonder and terror. When looking back, you’ll see the insignificance of many of your current tragedies. But you will also have something else. The flames you kindle now will be the sweetest to your memory, the loves the dearest to your heart. Take great care where you plant your affection, for it will be present with you for the rest of your days.

Mr. Knightley

Post Script: Again, I mean no offense but for future correspondence sake here is a small note: the correct spelling is embarrassed, yesterday, and religious.


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2 responses to “Caught in the Act….

  • Martha

    Oh my. How scandalous! You are lucky indeed that it was not your father who broke in upon your most unladylike behavior, for if that had been the circumstance, you would be required to marry, for you are compromised. I would urge you to begin by thanking your mother for not revealing your shame to him. It should be unnecessary to advise her to keep quiet about it herself, as she has as much to lose, what with an unmarriageable daughter on her hands!

    I do agree with Mr Knightley, in that one must behave with utmost propriety in one’s first forays into love. Especially in these modern times when rakes abound. A man with truly gentlemanly intentions would not have dreamed of putting you in such a position! You (according to your own admission), are not even out yet! I believe him to be nothing more than a hardened rake, or a fortune hunter at best!

    Pray, think of your future with utmost consideration before attempting anything that could further ruin your character and virtue. Your parents have chosen the time for you to come out based upon their best judgments for your well being. You would do well to listen to their advice!

    In the mean time, I recommend Regency romance fiction to fortify yourself, and make clearer the necessary virtues to look for in a marriage partner.

    God Bless!

  • mrsjenings

    Ah young love. Your parents are truly unkind to keep you from it. But if I know lovers, and I believe I do, you shall find a way to bridge the wall between you. Young lovers are infinitely creative in these sort of things!

    And I daresay Mr. Knightley needs not to speak for the mother since he is hardly a parent himself. Let me tell you, as a mother of two daughters, both happily married, that there is nothing I desired more than to see both my girls happy! How then could I keep them from Mr. Palmer and Sir John, seeing the radiant smiles they bore, and the beautiful children as well! No no no, it would not do at all!

    However I do concur with Mr. Knightley on one thing. You should make amends with your mother. She may be a cruel woman but she must have felt love at some time to have married your father, and I’m certain that with the right amount of coaxing you can bring her round to see, in yourself, the self same flower she once was.

    And as for withholding those saucy details of the letter, Mr. Knightley, you should know that I will winkle the information out of you, one way or another. I’m terribly good at winkling!

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