Concerning Concealment….

Dear Mr. Knightley,

Is a woman far more beautiful in the circumstance that she creates a synthetic face each morning and forbids anyone from seeing her God given face? Or is it more likely admired bare and organic? Think in terms of her face being seen by both men and women.

-Organica Olivia


Natural or Fake?

Natural or Fake?


Dear Organica (goodness!),

It has often been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but, while this may be true, there are certain perimeters that do exist. Many a lady had driven a man from her door by descending her staircase painted like a Cheapside harlot. And just as many could have retained the objects of their desire, had they paid a little more care to the condition of their eyebrows or the state of their hair.

This is not to say that one ought to change one’s appearance completely. First, because even if your husband never surprises you in your boudoir before you have a chance to dab some rouge, you can rest assured that there will come a day when you are either too ill, or too far removed from civilized society, or too great with child that you won’t be able to maintain your facade and he will see your true face. But more importantly, the further a woman removes herself from the position nature bestowed upon her, the more artificial she seems, and believe me when I say that while none of her friends may comment on it, everyone in society will be able to tell. And unfortunately society always speaks.

No, a woman is best suited to use her powders and colours not to hide defects but rather to enhance and exhibit the graces that nature has already gifted her with. To proudly exhibit a high forehead, an elegant nose, or well constrained teeth. Attempting to hide defects and blemishes only serves to draw further attention to them. As long as orderly hygiene is maintained, the lesser blemishes will quite easily fade, especially in the light of the natural graces that are highlighted instead.

And in the spirit of fairness, I will add a quick note that the same rules apply to men as well, in a lesser degree. One can easily differentiate a dandy, a fop, a beggar, and a lord upon the street. So too can and will others.

But remember, my dear, no rouge is needed for the cheeks already invigorated through exercise and fresh air.

Mr. Knightley

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2 responses to “Concerning Concealment….

  • mrsjenings

    I hardly think you are one to answer something that resides so surely in the domaine of womenhood, Mr. Knightley!

    Now, my dear Organica, heed my words carefully. There is no such thing as too much powder or too much rouge. As women, our moment of bloom lasts for such a short season that we must do our utmost to capture it and preserve it. We have after all, only our womenly charms to commend us. Without them we are like a man of war without its cannons!

    Now, take care to pay attention to the current fashions of course. You want your admirer to notice you, but not for the wrong reasons. And do remember that if you are to have a long night of dancing at the balls, to take with you a small measure of powder to refresh your face in those exhaustingly warm rooms. You know how it can get when one’s blood is pumping from so much dancing! I daresay, you won’t have to worry about refreshing your rouge!

    You see, it is the small things such as these that you would only know if you are a woman, Mr. Knightley. You should leave their answering to someone more capable!

  • elinoredashwood

    I’m sure that Mrs Jennings is the foremost authority on all domains of womanly arts, and I would hardly dare contradict her. I would like to further suggest that you might be a little cautious in your application of your powder and rouge, as overly painted women can, indeed, be mistaken for a lady of questionable morals, as Mr. Knightley mentioned. A little bit goes a long way, and it is far easier to have too little and still be within the bounds of propriety than otherwise.

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